The Month of March

I have just started a blog. But recently I have not been able to think of some ideas to talk about. But then it came to me.This is a blog you can talk about anything you want. So why not tell people what I do every day. I know it sounds pretty boring but to me, I love going on other people's blogs [Read more...]

My Bucket List

For those of you that do not know what a bucket list is. It is a list of things that you would love to accomplish before you die. Most things that I would love to do on here are not very big, but just mainly small things in my life that really would make me happy if it were to happen. Some of things [Read more...]


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Males guide to female communication

To all of you guys out there that are still very confused of the great communication of woman. Maybe you're a complete expert on woman! Or you are like my husband"sorry honey". That still gets confused when I tell him something, but it means the complete opposite. Obviously I'm a woman I like to [Read more...]

10 best things about being pregnant

  Before you were pregnant you probably have had all these negative thoughts of being pregnant. Because you sometimes have those people in your life that tell you only the downsides. For example the labor, cramping, or going to the bathroom to pee a lot. But now that you are pregnant or [Read more...]