10 best things about being pregnant


Before you were pregnant you probably have had all these negative thoughts of being pregnant. Because you sometimes have those people in your life that tell you only the downsides. For example the labor, cramping, or going to the bathroom to pee a lot. But now that you are pregnant or maybe you want to be. You want to know all the good sides of being that. And that’s why I am here to tell you the 10 best things about why I loved being pregnant and why you should too!

1.Having the baby

The number one best thing is obviously having the baby and just being pregnant in the first place. Because nothing is better than having a little tiny miracle inside your stomach.

2.Eating a lot

Eating when you are pregnant is the best because you literally have an excuse to eat as much as you want, get fat and people can’t say anything about it!

3.Being pampered

Being able to be pregnant gives you some advantages like having your husband take care of you for 9 months straight and not really feel guilty about it because there’s nothing really you can do. I do give props to the single moms out there or the ones who go to work and lift heavy boxes every day, they do give us that pregnant mom strength though, which is great!

4.Feeling my baby kick

There’s nothing more amazing then feeling your little miracle inside you kicking you all day long just to tell you that they are there and well. Except for when you really need to pee and they like kicking your bladder.

5.Being lazy

Another excuse is being able to sleep all day and not feel guilty or lazy because you know your just getting that extra sleep in before you don’t get any at all once the bay has come.

6.Looking for baby clothes

I really love looking for baby clothes because there just so darn adorable! Once your pregnant people don’t look at you like you’re obsessed, but that you actually have a reason to look for them.

7.Your Body

Umm Butt and Boobs that’s all I Have to say!

8.The excitement

Every day, week, and month go by and the anticipation gets more and more exiting as the day comes closer for your little baby to be in your arms!

9.Conversation Starter

Hello! Hello! How are you? Good. Is not a regular conversation for you anymore? Now it’s “How is the baby doing/” or “can you feel him or her kicking?” and I love this more than anything.

10.Being Healthy

Last but not least is being healthy. For example no caffeine or drinking while you’re pregnant because when you’re pregnant you will do anything for your baby.

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