Annoying things about working at a fast food restaurant

I have worked at a fast food restaurant and there so many things that would just annoy me constantly. The worst part about it was to just stand there and smile or you were fired!

To all of the workers out there that understand everything, I talk about. I’m glad there is someone out there that understands.

But for the people who have never worked at a fast food restaurant, now you will understand why most of us look like we are annoyed when you order food. Next time you come in give us a little credit because we do more things than you think we do.


No matter how many showers or how many times you have washed your work uniform you and your clothes are still covered in grease.I never really noticed it as much until I was done working there.Now I realize that I take fewer showers than I used to and I don’t smell like a hamburger anymore!

The outfits

I’m talking about the ladies here who have to wear these ugly-looking black pants that don’t even make our butt look good. The baseball caps filled with grease from the kitchen. The shirts really are not that bad if you get t-shirts. But if you get the formal blouse which is always in men sizes which make you look like your ten times more fat than what you are.

Being sick

You are not allowed to be sick because it is literally impossible to call in because the next time you come in all you will get is

Where were you?
You weren’t sick you were just faking it.
Or, “Stay away from me I don’t want to get sick!”
Like it is literally impossible to call off. Or when you call in already and they call you back later asking if you can come in. And your like um-mm no I’m sick remember.

Minimum wage

For all the stuff you have to go through and all of the hours you worked.The end of the pay period comes and you get your paycheck and your all excited because you think that you’re going to have the best paycheck ever.Looks down at the paycheck and your like I’m done!

The Food

I hated working for like 10 hours straight and for some reason, I always got my break like 2 hours in. So the rest of my shift I would obviously be hungry because all I could do is smell the delicious food around me.The worst part about it is that they would ask if you could help in the kitchen instead of being in front. And we couldn’t eat any of it!

Everyone’s mood

I never can blame anyone who is crabby.Everyone was dealing with the same things. But with everyone’s crabby moods around you, it was very hard to stay in a good mood. There is always one person who starts out crabby, then the next person and the next and eventually you go from being happy to crabby also. Then the rest of the employees are crabby. Now it’s just a bad day!

The managers

I do understand that managing is way harder than the regular employee because I have tried it. But what makes me angry is that some managers like to act like they are top dog and they are better than everyone around them. So no that’s not what managing is about.It is about helping your employees do the right job and being their teammate, not criticizing them! Also even though you are a manager it also doesn’t give you the right to sit there and do nothing and boss everyone else around like puppies.

The customers

I don’t want to be mean, but the customers are the main reason the employees want to quit every day. They always think they know more than we do. If they were on the other side of the window/counter they would understand why we were so annoyed. Here are some examples what annoys me the most.

  • Ordering a Cheeseburger with No Cheese. So a HAMBURGER then.
  • “What would you like to drink?”Orange.” “OK orange what?” (Orange soda or Orange juice.)
    Coming to a drive thru and thinking it is a wishing fountain. When they take out a pile of change to pay for their order.And then get mad at you for taking too long for counting their change to see if its right.Or they just take off to the next window and never give me the right change. So then I’m doing laps back and forth because of their mistake.
  • Can I have a cheeseburger meal? OK, what would you like to drink? I don’t want a drink! OK, then it’s not a meal then!
  • Ordering a drink with something special in it. We do as they ask and it still isn’t right.
  • Parking in the wrong spot.Like I Know that you know how to count because yesterday when you came in here you were checking to see how many cheeseburgers were in your bag!
  • That leads to this one. Sitting at the window checking every little thing in your bag like I just put a whole bunch of money in it.
  • Asking to change the order after you already pay for it. Like do you know how much time this takes up? That means now I have to go all the way in the back to change your order, make sure I am giving you the right change back, and then throw all the food away that we just made and make a new sandwich.Then I’ll tell you to park and you will have the audacity to tell me that we took too long.
  • Asking for more sauce.Like literally I will give you like 10 packages of ketchup and you will tell me to grab more.And then you will ask for a different kind of sauce and then tell me it’s still not enough. Like are you eating your food or the sauce!
  • Having your card not work?I know our machine is a little junkie but I do know that if it says your card is not acceptable then go talk to your bank. Or come in and give me a card that has mud all over it and gets mad at me because it’s not working.

Well, I Know that there are lots more but I am going to cut it short. I hope I didn’t offend anyone. Now for the ones that go in and try any of this you now know why we are angry? We might not look angry but we are.




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    Very good way for people to understand I worked at fast Food too and managers even get jealous of eachother and then they compete.Also other jobs I’ve had where they just don’t leave you alone when you are doing b the job honestly and correctly.Gossip and slander too.Can be hard I try to think only the good people make it better.Everyone can learn from positive person who is a great influence and decide to make up your mind to be happy.

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