Males guide to female communication

To all of you guys out there that are still very confused of the great communication of woman. Maybe you’re a complete expert on woman! Or you are like my husband”sorry honey”. That still gets confused when I tell him something, but it means the complete opposite. Obviously I’m a woman I like to make it a challenge 🙂 But don’t worry guys. There is still hope for you!

  1. Girls love to be cuddled, especially hugs from behind!
  2. Never call her names especially fat, I don’t care how hefty she is!
  3. That leads to food, even though she’s a girl doesn’t mean she doesn’t like to eat more than a salad.
  4. You guys get in a disagreement and she tells you to go away, you better sit there and tell her you are not leaving. I’ll bet you she’ll be the happiest person in the world!
  5. Girls like to be kissed the right way not just bird pecks on your lips, occasionally when you are leaving but once in a while really show her what you can do!
  6. You are always wrong even when you know you are right. Always know this!
  7. See some girl that looks good-looking on the street and you can’t help but look. You better come with a great way to tell her she looks cuter then that girl on the street in 2 secs!
  8. Appreciate Her! Tell her you love all the things she does for you.
  9. Compliment her; she probably takes most of the time looking good for you.
  10. No matter how much you love her even if she knows it, let her know once in a while.
  11. Never make her feel lonely even if your around that’s even worse than when you’re not.
  12. Honesty.
  13. Make her laugh, I bet you love seeing that beautiful smile.
  14. Be a gentleman.
  15. I know we like to talk a lot but try once in a while to listen what we are saying.
  16. Little less sarcasm, it gets old after a while.
  17. Say your sorry but actually mean it.
  18. When going out don’t always ask her what she wants to do, take charge and maybe she will feel surprised.
  19. She always comes first.
  20. She loves you for you don’t go changing yourself to impress her.
  21. It is never to late to make things right.
  22. Relationships do need fights but make your relationship worth the fight.
  23. Show her off to your friends, I mean she’s yours right?
  24.  Forehead kisses, ugh I love!
  25. Keep things between you and her everyone doesn’t need to know your business.
  26. Never ever ever ever compare her to your ex girlfriends you’re in a rude awaking! She is incomparable!
  27. Sometimes just grab her hand to make her feel safe and loved.
  28. Never give her a reason that you doubt your feelings about her.
  29. Don’t ever bring up the past if it’s bad.
  30. Defiantly bring up the past if it’s a very good memory!

Well there you go gentleman. There’s many more to come. For now hopefully you are an expert on woman and your girl will be very surprised on the next time you guys get into a disagreement or maybe no more disagreements. Thanks to this guide to the communication to woman.

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  1. Steven Rogers

    Thank you for this heartfelt and informative post.-I am impressed and proud of your accomplishments. -God Bless
    (Proverbs 18:22)
    “He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the LORD”.

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