My Bucket List

For those of you that do not know what a bucket list is. It is a list of things that you would love to accomplish before you die. Most things that I would love to do on here are not very big, but just mainly small things in my life that really would make me happy if it were to happen. Some of things I have already accomplished, but I thought was right to put on here because I’m glad it has happened and I have accomplished it. I will put a little check mark next to the things that I have accomplished. I will also come back if I complete any more to let you guys know.

Actually do the things on my Bucket List

For most people when they want to do a bucket list, they don’t actually do it. For me I don’t want to be any of those people. So for the first thing on my list I actually want to do the things on my bucket list.

Graduate High School

Check. This has already been accomplished about a couple of years ago, but I thought I would put it on here because graduating high school is a very important thing to do.

Get married to the one I love

Check. This was a very happy day for me. Like most weddings it wasn’t very big but it was just right where it was perfect and I will always remember.

Let my hair get very long

Check. Before I got married I had very long hair and I loved it very much. But for some reason after I got married I wanted to feel a little bit more like an adult so I went to the hair salon and cut 18 inches off.My hair is still continuing to grow but it is still not as long as it was before. (left-before, right-after)

Get a Cat

Check. I have always loved dogs but I do love all animals. So I wanted to at least have one cat in my life. About two years ago my husband got me a cat to take care of.We have loved him ever since.His name is Arlington but I confuse him and call him kitty.The funny thing about our cat is he acts more like a dog then a cat. He sits at your feet when your eating and begs. He’s very lovable and always wants to be held. He never climbs on things, just lays around all day.Hes just very a good cat.

Be a mom

. This hasn’t happened yet but it’s coming soon. I am currently 26 weeks pregnant. So I already feel like I should call myself a mom.

Hold a baby cheetah cub

For the ones that know me well. My favorite animal is a cheetah. And I don’t mean like I just like cheetahs I literally love them. If I see anything cheetah anywhere I must have it. It is literally my lifetime dream to hold a baby cheetah. I mean who wouldn’t right? Their so cute!

Buy my first Home

This hasn’t happened yet because most of the time my husband is always working in different places. So on day when we are currently in a stable place we will probably get a home.

Become a Veterinarian

I am currently in college on and off to be a Veterinarian. They always say that you want to be a princess or an astronaut when you’re in kindergarten, but ever since I was little I wanted to be veterinarian. And never stopped wanting to be.

Go Skydiving

Yes this sounds pretty cheesy. This is probably on everyone’s bucket list, but it is true I would like to accomplish this someday even though it sounds pretty crazy and scary.

Stand in 4 states at 1 time

This is located at the four corners monument. Where it is the only place in the U.S where you can stand in four states at one time. I believe they are Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Utah.

Go to the wizarding world of Harry Potter in Orlando Florida

I literally love harry potter. Like I’m obsessed, just like I’m obsessed with cheetahs. Like I have to have anything that has Harry Potter stuff on it. This would also be 2 things that I haven’t done because I have never been to Florida.

Go on a No budget shopping spree

Have you ever wanted to go shopping and just not worry about money? Well that’s me. I just want to be able to walk in the mall and buy whatever I want and still have so much money left. But I’m only dreaming!

Have a dog for its entire life

When I was younger I never really could keep a dog because I was always moving from place to Place. So when I accomplish my achievement of getting a house or when my baby grows up to be about 4 or 5. I would love to get a cute little puppy to add to out family.

Create an igloo

I live in Wisconsin where there is plenty of snow around. But for some reason I have never tried to build an igloo of some sort.

Buy a lotto ticket with the numbers from a fortune cookie

I don’t buy many lotto tickets but I do collect many fortune cookies. So next time I decide to go in a Chinese restaurant I’m headed to the gas station to buy a lotto ticket to win Big!

Go to a drive thru movie

I believe there is not many of these around anymore. When I get a chance to seeing one day I would love to experience watching a movie at one of these one day.

Drive down route 66

I am a little kid at heart so I never heard of route 66 until I watched the movie Cars. After I watched that movie I found out a lot more about it. So it would be very cool to get to see this one day.

Visit the house from Up in real life

For those of you that have seen the movie Up. It is very adorable to watch. I have just recently found out there is a real life house just like in the movie that you can visit and walk into in Seattle.

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