About Me

Hi my name is Brittany, a 20 year old from a cold northern state called Wisconsin. I bet your wondering, if it’s so cold why does your picture look so bright and sunny? Well folks it’s funny to say but we do get lucky and get summer for about a month or two!

If you look at my picture you can see that I have dimples and cute little cheeks which always makes me younger then what I’m supposed to be to some people. But like I always say it’s better to look young cause then you’ll look like one hot mama when you grow up! But other than looking young. I also married young to the most handsome guy on the planet at age 18! Yes you read that correctly, Young Love that is! And nothing is better after getting married is to have a family of your own. Which means I am happy to say I am currently pregnant and our little baby boy will be here soon to teach me a lot of things about motherhood!

Also If you get to know me well I am kind of a nerd with a lot of things. For example I have an obsession for Harry Potter and I love Marvel and D.C comics. Yes I do not know which one to choose from just yet! Also put a great recipe on the internet, you will see me heading to the store, grabbing all the ingredients, and back home making it ASAP! One last thing I love to do is write and not just for myself but for other people. I like to write about food, lifestyle, random things or just plain old stories about the day in my life and I like to share them all with you!