The Month of March

I have just started a blog. But recently I have not been able to think of some ideas to talk about. But then it came to me.This is a blog you can talk about anything you want. So why not tell people what I do every day. I know it sounds pretty boring but to me, I love going on other people’s blogs to see what their life is like. Who knows my life might be interesting to others.So since this is my first time talking about what I do in my life. I will start by talking about what I did in the Month of March so far. Next week I will keep you updated even if it is not so interesting.

Going out to eat ALOT!


This restaurant here is Called Big Boy.Located in the upper peninsula of Michigan.There known for their burgers and shakes. It’s a cute little diner.

Especially there cute little bathroom signs.

My Hubby and I love to go to buffalo wild wings lately. The honey bbq boneless wings are the best!

I especially love their strawberry lemonade. A good drink to stay away from soda when you are pregnant!

[bbq chicken and corn on the cob]

I also did cook some things this month. We do indeed go out more but when we are not always traveling around I cook food at home.

[cheesecake with cherries on top]



We went to the Fox River mall in Appleton Wisconsin and got some Subbarao pizza and a Starbucks Vanilla Bean Frappe of course because I’m addicted.

[scrub, lotion]

I also went into Bath and Body Works to buy their new cocoa butter because I heard it works very well on pregnant bellies.

We also went to target because when do I not go to target.I bought this body pillow to help me sleep at night because of my baby bump.

We had to spoil Arlington so we got him a cute little cat bed. Not that he has enough already.

Ryan spoiled me and got me this cute little giraffe because he knows I love giraffes and the color purple.


We were In Green Bay Wisconsin for a week and I thought why not go check out Lambeau Feild.For those of you that do not watch football. It is the NFL football players field of the Green Bay Packers.

I had to get a shot to see if I had gestational diabetes. It came back negative so I’m good! No more shots for me!


My grandma sent me a very nice stroller all the way from Maryland.She is so great. I was so excited when I got it in the mail that I set it up right away. Also, my little sister, Sarah made this pillow for me in school. Isn’t it cute? I love how much the baby is already being spoiled.

Don’t mind my belly but this is the best thing that happened to me this month. Ryan finally got to make it to my doctor’s appointment because it’s really hard to take off work. So he got to hear the heartbeat finally!




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